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About Mr. Lau King Howe

      Mr Lau King Howe (1869-1932) was the second son of Pastor Lau Meng Shy and Mdm Hii, originally from the Nan Yu Village of the Hou Guan District of the Hokkien Province in China. Pastor Lau was very involved in charity work and built many schools and hospitals in China.

      After completing his education at Methodist Anglo-Chinese College, Foochow, Mr. Lau king Howe entered the Manila Teacher Training College in the Philippines where he graduated with honour. He worked in USA Philippines Navy Base as an administrator, and subsequently became the principal of the Philippines Chinese School. He returned to China in 1914, and he was appointed as the Chief Secretary, and later in September of the same year as Acting Manager of Si Chuan Salt Affairs Audit Department. He then resigned from government service and became a businessman in Shanghai.

      In 1916, Mr. Lau king Howe arrived in Sibu to seek better opportunities. He had 3 sons from his first two marriages. Both his first and second wives died in China. Mr. Lauˇs third and the last wife was Mdm Fu Bao Yu (1902-1977). Mdm Fu and Mr. Lau adopted Mr. Lau younger brotherˇs second son ( Liu Cheng) because they had no children of their own. Mr. Lau was 47 years old when he arrived in Sibu. He ran a rubber tree plantation in Engkilo, which was located on the East Side of Sibu, and made fortune.

      In view of the inadequate facilities in the government hospital, Mr Lau through making a donation of his wealth by sharing 50% of the building cost, proposed to the Rajah Brooke Government in 1930 for a new and more modern hospital. In 1931, Mr. Lau was formally acknowledged by the 3rd Division resident, Mr. C.D. Adams and the new hospital was named after Mr. Lau king Howe. Mr. Lau and his family returned to China later in the same year, and passed away the following year in September. Construction of Lau King Howe Hospital commenced in 1931 and was completed in 1936.

Correspondence between Sarawak Government and Trustees for Lau King Howe Hospital. A letter from district officer regarding Lau King Howe's estate

Letter from chief secretary to J.M.Hoover Power of Attorney from Lau King Howe to Hoover and Lim Khai Cheng