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Maternal and Child Health Services

The first Maternal and Child Health Clinic in Sibu was managed by the Sibu Urban District Council Clinic (SUDC). Located in a single story building in the vicinity of the wharf, it started operations in the early 1960's with a handful of midwives. This clinic catered for the urban and the rural communities. The location of the clinic was ideal for the rural people whose main means of transport to town was by boat.

Pregnant women visited the clinic for their ante-natal check-ups, while children were given immunizations and vitamin supplements. The midwives also provided home nursing for mothers who delivered at Lau King Howe Hospital, and they conducted home deliveries as well. They had to stay in the clinic at night in case they were called to conduct home deliveries. They either cycled or walked to the patients' houses to provide their services. All cases needing further management were referred to Lau King Howe Hospital for follow-up care. As the clinic catered to both urban and rural communities, the women and children often came to the clinic by boat.

The clinic moved to the new Sibu Urban District Council Building at Bengkel Road in 1970. In 1979, the SUDC Clinic was taken over by Sarawak Health Department as part of the statewide exercise to take over all clinics managed by local authorities. All personnel were absorbed into Sarawak Health Department and came under the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

When the hospital services were shifted from Lau King Howe Hospital to the new Sibu Hospital in 1994, the old wards were converted into Lau King Howe Polyclinic, which provided both outpatient and maternal and child health services. When the polyclinic site was acquired for urban development, the services were shifted to the present site in Lanang in 2005. However, the Clinic-based Rehabilitation (CBR) programme for special children remained at the old hospital premises until it moved to the Agape Centre on 31 March 2006.